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Introduction to our R&D


Experience in Innovation is the best way to describe R&D in Dipharma. From the very beginning Dipharma recognized the importance of investing in innovation and today, with over 200 patent applications filed, the expertise in process chemistry is one of our core competencies.

A team of more than 40 highly skilled professionals (the majority are graduates and PhDs) is focussed on the main role of the R&D group: to develop our product portfolio by conceiving new chemical process routes or to enhance existing ones. This enables us to offer our customers, whether for custom synthesis or generics, the most efficient chemical process solution for their desired molecule. Our R&D team is backed-up by an internal Intellectual Property department.

A rigorous approach to defining synthetic chemical processes, a high level of skill in the safety assessment, a thorough multi-disciplined expertise in our portfolio of technologies, and an innovative mindset… these are our trademark characteristics.